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Discover Your New Favorite Fine Art Photographer

Look at the work of Fine Art By Bev Stevens in West Paris, ME

If you've been searching for a gallery of photographs that captures the natural or overlooked beauty of Maine, then you're in the right place. Fine Art By Bev Stevens focuses on documenting landscapes, seascapes, animals and more in West Paris, ME and throughout the state.

Bev Stevens is a fine art photographer that loves to take pictures that speak to anyone who views them, which is why she takes recommendations. Call 207-515-3269 now to ask her to take photos at one of your favorite locations.

Contact Bev today to learn more about Maine landscape photography, local nature photography, candid pet photography, and seasonal photography art.

See the world through the eyes of Bev Stevens

Photos are not just expressions of the subject, but also a reflection of the photographer who took them:

  • Focuses on subjects that often go overlooked
  • Finds inspiration in the moment rather than planning photo ops
  • Edits all of her photos herself

For photos with a different energy than what you may have seen before, you'll want to follow a landscape photographer's work. Explore her portfolio online today.

Bringing a passion for photography to every frame

Fine Art By Bev Stevens started because of she has the passion for unrecognized beauty. Despite having a photographer for a mother, Bev didn't grow up appreciating the value in camera work. Later in life, she started taking photos for herself and fell in love with capturing scenes in nature that others don't pay attention to.