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Discover the Beauty Only Found in Nature

Start by viewing local nature photography and nature photography art in West Paris, ME

You've heard that during life, you should stop and smell the roses. But how often do you actually do it? Fine Art By Bev Stevens emphasizes subjects found in nature that often go overlooked. Her nature photography art isn't planned but captured when she encounters subjects while traveling around the West Paris, ME area.

Her local nature photography will heighten your appreciation of every roadside flower, vintage sign and wild bee you encounter. Look at the work in her nature gallery today to see for yourself.

Enjoy the beauty in everyday things

Don't just drive down the road without looking at the natural world around you. Our photographer aims to inspire you by bringing attention to the beauty in often-overlooked subject matter, such as...

  • The way a caterpillar balances along a leaf
  • The weathered look of stylistic road signs
  • The colorful bursts of flowers along roadways

After viewing her local nature photography, you'll start to notice the overlooked beauty all around you. Take in her unique nature photography art today to see a new perspective on the natural world.